Traditions of scotland презентация

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This custom required the bridegroom to carry a large basket a creel filled with stones on his back. He had to carry this house and kiss him. The first service was held in the Scottish language.

Once the Scottish ceremony was finished, the priest would lead the whole procession into the church. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom would exchange rings in the front of all their assembled witnesses. The wedding party would be piped led by bagpipers to a family home for a lavish wedding party. Here the pipers would play lively upbeat tunes for the hours on end and the outdoor feasting and dancing and general and often last the whole night. Traditionally the first dance of the night, customarily a reel, was led by the wedding couple, after which everyone joined in and the festivities went on non-stop.

Today the wedding ceremony is not quite so formal or so ritualistic but many of todays traditions still hearken back to the traditions of the past. Usually about a week before the ceremony. Bagpipe Bagpipe — traditional reed musical wind instrument of many nations of Europe. In Scotland — the main national instrument. It is a bag that is usually made of cowhide hence the namecalf or goat skin, taken as a whole, as a wineskin, sewn tightly and is equipped with the top tube for filling air fur, with attachments from the bottom of one, two or three playing reed pipes, serve to create a polyphony.

Scottish Culture Scottish families are called clans and each clan has a special plaid to show what their family is. These are the plaids on their kilts. Scottish cuisine Scotland is famous for several dishes.