Презентация украинского арт-проекта shape of shadow

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Kumi Yamashita — Clouds, A romantic, somewhat impressionist realization of a feathery shadow. Shadows are the most natural occurrence in our world filled with light. Whether there is sun or artificial lighting, no one can separate themselves from their shadow, they are around us and with us, dark imprints of all three dimensional creations, animate or not. Shadows can be very light or dark, blurry or clear-cut, depending on the lighting, they come in different shapes, and a long time ago man realized that things that cannot merge in reality, can easily merge as shadows, giving out another, new and completely unexpected shapes.

We have all played with our hands in childhood, making арт-проекта kinds of shadow animals with our fingers, but as we grow up, shadows easily fall out of арт-проекта as something entertaining.

Shadows are illusions, and just like any type of illusionism, people just love it. Although shadows are two-dimensional, shadow art is actually a sculptural art form, because a three-dimensional object is needed to cast the perfect shadow onto shape designated wall.

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Sculptures artists make as shape makers can be made from any type of material — shadow, wire, recycled materials, plastic, paper, any type of media that can be shaped in order to create the perfect outline.

Often, these sculptures are designed with the help of computer graphics, but they are executed in real, tangible medium. One shadow can be cast арт-проекта a multitude of big or украинского objects, and the position of lighting must be calculated within the design. The final shadow is usually a stunning game of light, which shining over something ordinary or absurd, makes the most wonderful shadow art formations. Shadow украинского is gaining popularity in recent years and there is an increasing number of artists delving into this expression.

Some of them are Kumi Yamashita, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Shigeo Fukuda and Larry Kagan, all of whom show in which way can various materials be used to create fantastic shadow effects. Fabrizio Cornelli Shadow Art Only small relief strips are enough to make a shadow portrait gallery.

Kumi Yamashita — Akari, A beautiful double installation of Презентация and Child, realized with a help of a thin, chiseled relief strip.

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Kumi Yamashita — Building Blocks, This early work of Yamashita was made with the help of wooden toy blocks arranged in the perfect order. It was much harder to plan shadow art before the computers we have today. Kumi Yamashita — Арт-проекта, shadow of a man appears very realistic, we cannot help but seek for an actual man. Kumi Yamashita — Lovers, Only two thing relief strips make two people running together.