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Cultural life is very diverse and interesting. Zoos, aquariums are opened every day. Largest cities Sydney is a multicultural and cosmopolitan city of the world, which is inhabited by immigrants.

Sydney is famous for its Opera House, Harbour Bridge and beaches. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. It is often called the «sporting and cultural capital» of the country.

Australia — Презентации по английскому языку

Melbourne is famous for its numerous parks, gardens and architecture. The summer Olympics were here in Territory and Population The area is about 7. Despite the vast territory, the population is very small. It is about 23 million people. Only thousand people is indigenous of Australia. Australian Aborigines represent a significant part of Australoid race. The official language is English, known as Australian English.

Carnivorous and poisonous animals live here, so Australia is very dangerous country. There are species of plants aboet 20 thousand and many of them do not exist anywhere else. Animals are aboutspecies.

Презентация по английскому языку «Welcome to Australia»

There are about 50 species of kangaroos.