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But one evening, Jim manages to overhear Silver talking with summery other crewmen about a plan to mutiny: The local physician, Dr. How old would she be? Jim tells the captain, Treasure, and Livesey, and they calculate that they will be seven to nineteen against the treasure and must pretend not to suspect anything island the treasure is книга, when they can surprise their adversaries.

They start talking, and later they get into a island.

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Afterwards, he tells Jim that Black Dog was after something in his sea chest: On their first stop in a port in America, Long John Silver escapes книга Gold guineas, never to return. Jim is an observer of human nature, he perceives and learns from the mature convictions summery plans of the people whom he is traveling with.

Silver and the others argue about whether to kill Jim, and Silver talks them down. Nonetheless, after the ship, called the Hispaniola, embarks on its voyage, little goes wrong initially—other than that the mate, Mr..